Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 1

Picture-A-Day is back. I just couldn't take the endless northern Connecticut winter, so I never finished January and never even started February, March or April.

The theme for the month of May is DOORS AND WINDOWS, and I hope to concentrate on the ones close to home.

Today's picture was from my church, Trinity Episcopal in Collinsville, CT. This window is in the "new" building, in what I think is called the narthex (great word, isn't it?), the room outside of the doors into the church. It is the season of Easter.

Right above this bank of windows, the roof/ceiling comes to a point, and there is a little triangular window which I also had to photograph.

I had some really welcome participation from friends and family when I did the Holiday Picture-A-Day last December. I invite anyone to send me photos of windows and/or doors, and I will add them to my daily blog.

Get out those cameras!!

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